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After a good deal of trial and error I came up with a solid design that uses mostly new parts.  The only thing I have not figured out how to get made is the outer kingpin collar.  For now I am using the stock ones to get the arms built.  These are made of 1.5" 3/8" wall DOM tubing for the pivot part and 1.25" .120 wall 4130 chromoly tubing for the arm.  The support plates are 1/4" plate that were cut out on the plasma table. 

The arms go together very easily although they are time consuming to build.  The shock mount is a 1/2" threaded insert welded to 1" tubing then braced with 1" x 1/4" flat stock.

The urethane bushing needs to be reamed out to 1.5" so the arm will fit.  this is much easier than trying to machine down the tubing for all of the arms.  A quick swipe with the reamer and we are good to go.

2x4front13.jpg (115002 bytes)2x4front14.jpg (103435 bytes)2x4front15.jpg (79908 bytes)2x4frontreaming06.jpg (100058 bytes)2x4frontreaming07.jpg (95984 bytes)

2x4frontarms01.jpg (112195 bytes)2x4frontarms02.jpg (117219 bytes)2x4frontarms03.jpg (118698 bytes)2x4frontarms04.jpg (143474 bytes)2x4frontarms05.jpg (93017 bytes)

2x4frontarms06.jpg (95966 bytes)

Here is a goofy idea I came up with.  A boxed 2x4 front arm.

boxed2x4.jpg (28468 bytes)

2x4boxedfront.jpg (9240 bytes)  spindle.jpg (8233 bytes)

monoball spindle.jpg (11276 bytes)

I went for the boxed type arms and this is what I came up with.  These things are extremely light.  I was very surprised.  Time will tell on how strong they are.

2x4boxedfront01.jpg (122175 bytes)  2x4boxedfront02.jpg (102809 bytes)  2x4boxedfront03.jpg (98557 bytes)

2x4boxedfrontarms11.jpg (111691 bytes)2x4boxedfrontarms12.jpg (114004 bytes)2x4boxedfrontarms13.jpg (106531 bytes)2x4boxedfrontarms14.jpg (118980 bytes)2x4boxedfrontarms15.jpg (105876 bytes)

boxedfront200803.jpg (91565 bytes)boxedfront200804.jpg (105858 bytes)boxedfront200805.jpg (100762 bytes)boxedfront200806.jpg (106909 bytes)boxedfront200807.jpg (70591 bytes)

boxedfront200808.jpg (90848 bytes)boxedfront200809.jpg (76661 bytes)boxedfront200810.jpg (80412 bytes)boxedfront200811.jpg (73781 bytes)boxedfront200812.jpg (90014 bytes)boxedfront200813.jpg (93757 bytes)

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