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Widened Kingpin Beam
CV's and Axles
Front A-Arms
Swingaxle to IRS Conversions
Hanging Pedal Set
Raised Spindles
Power Rack Mod
Mounting High Race fenders
280Z Rear Disc Brakes
Tips and Tricks
2x3 Rear Arms
2.3 Ford Install
Toyota Motor Install
Custom Pan
Bus Kingpin Project
Beefing Off-road Wheels
Shock Rebuild



In this section we showcase the project components and talk about each one.  There are a number of low-buck upgrades and modifications that are done to each car we do and those are listed here.

To submit your own How To send an email to Mark outlining your idea, it's estimated cost and how well it works or what it fixes and we will consider it.  Please keep in mind that we get many submissions and may not use them all.  Any ideas submitted and used on this page will be credited to the author.


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