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Welding Equipment
Plasma Cutter
Big Lathe
Small Lathe
Air Compressors
Tubing Notcher
Tubing Bender
Tubing Clamp
Other Tools
Drill Presses
Dimpling Tool
Adjustable Trailing Arm Jig
The New Shop
Cold Saw
CNC Plasma Table
Press Brake
Bead Roller



We just wanted to share with you what we have to work with on or projects, and how we have built, or upgraded some of them.  There are a lot of tools that a person could buy to do a single job, so our list is by no means the only tools you have to have, to complete a task.

This is by no means a complete list either, just the most used larger tools that not everyone has, but hope to acquire some day.  Keep in mind that these are spread out amongst both of our shops. We do share tools often, so some of them travel back and forth across town.  cc







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