Welding Equipment
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This is they welding equipment that we use when we need to glue metal together.


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This is Craig's mig rig.  It is a Millermatic 185 MIG welder.   Get the specs here.   I mostly run .030 because of the versatility of the wire size. Currently use 75% Argon - 25% CO2.  I would like to see how the 100% CO2 works out.   


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This is Mark's MIG rig.  It is a Millermatic 172 Challenger MIG welder.  Get the specs here.

I made a modification to my welder so it would take the 33# rolls of wire.  The wire is cheaper that way and lasts much longer.  I basically hung the welding spool under the machine on the cart and ran the wire up the back and into the feed.  It works great and now I can tell at a glance how much wire I have.



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