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This is where we plan to add any other fabrication or repairs that we might have taken any pictures of.  Kinda like a smorgasbord portfolio


These were made for a special purpose, and work great.    

wheel_jig_01.JPG (85557 bytes)
The first one is Rev.1 of brake drum locks for removing axle nuts, or CV joint bolts.  Rev.1 fits Rabbit and Bug drums.  When removing a drum on a Bug recently, the nut was severely corroded, causing me (Craig) to use more leverage.  It is made of lighter wall tubing and could not handle the pressure, and gave in. 


wheel_jig_02.JPG (81325 bytes)   wheel_jig_03.JPG (84882 bytes)
These two pics show Rev. 2. Made of much thicker material, and can handle higher leverages put against it. It is also capable of fitting any 4 lug car drum, and the handle is removable, allowing it to be put in from the other side for tightening, without having to be removed from the drum. This is useful in the junk yard when removing CV joint bolts, and need to rotate the drum slightly to get to another bolt.




I (Craig) made these for a buddy at work.  They are a set of Rock Rails for his Jeep Cherokee.  


nerfbars01.jpg (201129 bytes)    nerfbars02.jpg (60537 bytes)
They were constructed with 1.5" x .120" Mild steel tubing.


nerfbars03.jpg (70208 bytes)    nerfbars04.jpg (76158 bytes)    nerfbars05.jpg (66330 bytes)
And painted with Charcoal Grey Hammerite.  




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