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I decided that I needed to up the Battery AMP hours for my new truck camper from dual Group 24's, to dual Group 31's.  The Snowriver camper has a very user friendly battery box design, that allows the owner (me) to install larger batteries in the same space as smaller batteries.  If you have looked at very many brands of new and older brands of truck campers, you will see that they usually only allow you enough room for one battery, and usually fit a Group 27 or less at that.

So, I set out to find a battery tray that can support two heavy (60lbs each) batteries.  I wanted the luxury of being able to service the water levels while the batteries were still in the camper, and not have to lift them out to do so.  I did find one shelf that would have worked, but the cost was way out of my desired level, so I get to design and build my own. 

With some help from Mark and his new (used) sheet metal brake, and another friend Mike that does powder coating on the side, I was able to design and finish exactly what I set out to do.  Here are the pictures of the final product.   I forgot to take pictures of the actual start to finish, but the end result is obvious. 

Battery_connection_01.JPG (61819 bytes)
This is what I had to start with, only there were two of these small Group 24 batteries.  Note the use of Anderson connectors that I added. 


tray_01.jpg (95273 bytes)   tray_02.jpg (102338 bytes) 
Here it is closed and then the full extension is 12" out.  Perfect for a 13" long battery. 

tray_03.jpg (55269 bytes)   tray_04.jpg (59215 bytes)   
Bolted into place, and then extended out to show the workings.

tray_05.jpg (70909 bytes)
   tray_06.jpg (71684 bytes)   
Batteries placed in the tray and the tray locked into place, the door will just close and all is good.  The batteries actually fit better if put in the tray sideways.  I may go ahead and flip them around and make sure that the furthest battery back has the water caps towards the center.  I just like the looks of this way better. 

tray_07.jpg (74931 bytes)   tray_09.jpg (62923 bytes)   tray_10.jpg (61354 bytes)
Here the batteries shown extended pretty much all the way out, and in the last picture, it is clear that reaching the water covers will be a cinch. 


Now I just need to install the Anderson connectors from the other batteries and be done!

Oh!  And the grand total in part and coating was a whopping $27.  The full extension slides are rated at 100lbs a pair and each battery is 60 lbs, so it all worked out great.  

A big thanks to Mark for the use of the brake, ( he really needs to update this website with pics of that new shop, BTW).  
And a thanks to Mike for Powder Coating this for me. Ya did a great job on it!



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