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Another creation custom made to fit my needs. -INSAYN

I love to cook with a Dutch Oven while camping/RV'ing.  The versatility of the Dutch Oven is amazing.  However setup with out a fire table is tougher and requires some creative thinking.  So, I took the tail gator BBQ idea and kicked it up a notch.

DOtable_02.JPG (81019 bytes)   DOtable_06.JPG (81039 bytes)   DOtable_03.JPG (82813 bytes)   DOtable_04.JPG (75467 bytes)  
Here it is set up for use.  It is sturdy enough for me to sit on with very very 
little flex, (and I am around 200lbs). 

DOtable_05.JPG (61757 bytes)  DOtable_07.JPG (79529 bytes)   DOtable_08.JPG (109839 bytes)   DOtable_09.JPG (76635 bytes)
Here is the way it is mounted to the trailer.  The table is pinch bolted into 
the leg to eliminate wobble during use.  The leg has small nipples welded on 
ground down to take the slop out of the receiver area.  I plasma cut
a square hole in the frame and welded in a 6" receiver, then added a gusset 
under it in the back to fully support it.   

The rear wing comes off and folds up for storage.  This table will also act as 
a camp stove table, BBQ table, and occasionally a tool tray when wrenching on 
my ATV's and Baja while duning.  I can also drop a shop Vice into the vertical leg receiver for holding parts that need the extra grip.









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