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Matt Mosiman has been cramming to get his fiberglass buggy ready for their big 1st week of June 2004 outing.  He and I (INSAYN) crossed paths on one of the forums that I frequent, and I caught attention to his need for a roll cage built ASAP. 

With several sticks of tube ready, We jumped right in.  I spent Friday bending up both hoops but in a very loose form.  I needed his car at my house so I can get it kinked in the right places to match his car's needs. 

My bad for not taking pics while doing all the fabrication work, but I took plenty of in between shots to hold everyone over. 

mattsmanx_01.JPG (86387 bytes)   mattsmanx_02.JPG (106685 bytes)   mattsmanx_03.JPG (96642 bytes)   
Here is the car with big plans!

mattsmanx_04.JPG (110894 bytes)   mattsmanx_05.JPG (105908 bytes)   
Front Hoop       Rear Hoop  
mattsmanx_06.JPG (99627 bytes)
   mattsmanx_07.JPG (87116 bytes)   mattsmanx_08.JPG (96753 bytes)
      A couple of set up shots.

mattsmanx_09.JPG (92867 bytes)   mattsmanx_10.JPG (91937 bytes)
Clamping tubes in place for alignment and tacking them down.  

mattsmanx_11.JPG (120345 bytes)
   mattsmanx_12.JPG (123741 bytes)   mattsmanx_13.JPG (130806 bytes)   mattsmanx_14.JPG (110508 bytes)
Finshed welding up the rollcage and set out front for a couple of clean shots.

mattsmanx_15.JPG (88714 bytes)   mattsmanx_16.JPG (87240 bytes)
Loosely assembled and set up for a pose.   

At this point, we just need to drill a few mounting holes, and weld on seatbelt tabs. 

A few weeks later, Matt had the chance to hit the sand with it.   Looks great Matt!

mattsmanx_17.jpg (37443 bytes)






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