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If you have any questions regarding this Project please E-mail "INSAYN".


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There are No Plans for this bender, none now, and none later.
I want you to think freely and create.  

After receiving enquiries weekly on how is this was thing built, I decided to at least add all the pics I have of the bender.  I was not expecting the amount of interest that the bender has generated, therefore no plans were drawn up

Keep in mind that I built it from scratch for a purpose, and if you decide to build your own, feel free to, as well as make as many changes as you need.  NOTE: If I were to build another of this style, I would make the bottle jack mount on top, out of tube horizontally, with a 1" solid bar running through the sides of the frame, and through the tube.  It would be made with the same 1" bar and 1.5"x .25" wall DOM tube parts as the die pivot.

If you are successful and happy with your results, please send me some pics of your bender, so I can add them here for everyone to see the variations that you came up with.  This site is all about sharing.


You just can't go building a tube chassis without a tube bender, right?  I was reluctant to spend big bucks on a commercial built bender, so I built my own.


I called up Pro-Tools in Florida, and chatted with one of the guys that works there about my options. He was very interested in making sure I bought only what I needed, and nothing more. The guy was great! He talked me through all the available parts that go into a tube bender. I gave him my general idea over the phone, and he was able to set me up with what I needed, take the order, and have it ready to ship the next day. The 120 degree, 1.5" diameter X 7" radius die set, plus roller w/Teflon impregnated bushings, and a 1" diameter pivot shaft was at my door less than two weeks.


The solid rod here is something a material that I cannot remember the name of, but is kinda like tool steel.  It has exact tolerance of 1", and is less prone to bending than mild steel rod.  So far it has no signs of bending, and I have bent .120" wall tubing with ease.


base01.jpg (83108 bytes)   base02.jpg (91037 bytes)   base03.jpg (83737 bytes)   base04.jpg (87571 bytes)   

base05.jpg (92252 bytes)   upright01.JPG (86036 bytes)   upright02.JPG (80993 bytes)   upright03.JPG (80118 bytes)   

upright04.JPG (59430 bytes)   upright05.JPG (60222 bytes)   upright06.JPG (86421 bytes)
Here is the framework, and some dimensions added.  You can see that there is a yellow yard stick placed along the various parts making it easy to get the length and width of parts.  All holes for the rods were drilled with a 1" holes saw.  The slot opening for the pivot rod was made by drilling two 1" holes, and then connecting them with the plasma cutter.  I made a 1/8" offset on ether side of the opening to fit in a piece of angle iron (1/2" x 1/8") .  This give the horizontal rod a flat guide, so as not to gouge it as it is put through its travel up and down.   



   brace03.jpg (103132 bytes)   brace02.jpg (115485 bytes)   piv01.jpg (106877 bytes) 

brace01.jpg (91540 bytes)   piv02.jpg (93287 bytes)   piv03.jpg (85940 bytes)   piv04.jpg (94002 bytes)  

jack01.jpg (75061 bytes)   brace04.jpg (90793 bytes)      jack03.jpg (108480 bytes)

jack02.jpg (95920 bytes)   jack04.jpg (77532 bytes)

The hydraulic jack is a 12 ton unit with about a 6" throw.  Anything over 10 ton should be enough for roll cages.
The piece bolted to the bottom of the hydraulic jack is the pivot point for the die. It is made up of 3/8" and 1/2" plate mild steel, drilled 1.5" for the pivot bearing (1.5"Dia X .25" wall - DOM tubing). The shaft with the bolts hold the pivot straight in the bender frame, as well as the attachment for the return springs.



hard01.jpg (59538 bytes)   hard02.jpg (74914 bytes)   hard03.jpg (118419 bytes)

hard04.jpg (124318 bytes)   hard05.jpg (128087 bytes)   hard06.jpg (84861 bytes)
Here is the hardware for the spring mounts.  Simple Grade 8 bolts/nuts, and a set of springs from ACE hardware.  I think the springs are rated for 6" of stretch, and 100 lbs each for return pull.  They turned out to be perfect for this project.



I got busy and built the whole thing with very simple plans, (chalk drawings on the floor). It worked, it bends, I'm very happy, and not $$$ broke from just buying one. I think I have right around $300-$325 into it complete, and it is capable of utilizing more of the Pro-tools dies.

      bender07.jpg (163367 bytes)   bender05.jpg (190808 bytes) 

bender04.jpg (213961 bytes)   bender09.jpg (193219 bytes)   bender03.jpg (177182 bytes)   bender11.jpg (174927 bytes)


Remember, if you use my bender as a reference, all I ask of you is to send me some pics of yours to add here.  I would like to see how the idea evolves, and share your work with everyone else. 


If you want to see it used in action, click here.



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