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In this section you will find various shop tools that don't really have a category of there own.


MJbeltsander_01.jpg (41095 bytes)    CCchopsaw_01.JPG (91674 bytes)    CCchopsaw_02.JPG (34321 bytes)
Belt sander                Chop Saw


CCgrinder_01.JPG (39127 bytes)    CCgrinder_02.JPG (79707 bytes)
Pedestal grinder (on a factory VW Beetle rim w/tire)


CCpartsclean_01.JPG (90073 bytes)    CCpartsclean_04.JPG (105512 bytes) 
Craig's Harbor Freight parts washer.  The screen baskets I found in the home decor section at the local department store.  The black one was originally for desk junk.  The large flat grayish one, is for stacking papers on a desk.  These are both made of very sturdy metal screen, and work really great for cleaning, and drying parts in.  


CCpartsclean_02.JPG (83379 bytes)    CCpartsclean_03.JPG (76160 bytes)
Here is an upgrade I did to the  parts washer.  I did not like the solvent just sitting in the bottom of the tub.  It make for a pain to drain and clean out.  So, I modified it.  After draining it manually, and cleaning all the crap that has collected on the bottom, I welded a pipe bung to the bottom of the left rear corner.  I then drilled a series of holes that resemble a drain in the tub.  Added a 1.5" T, a filter, some various plumbing, and a few buckets.

The filter is out of a Mazda, or Honda car master cylinder reservoir, and held in place inside the horizontal section of  the "T" with the rubber clamped on transition.  The way it works is the fluid drains into the "T", over the filter, and down into the lower pipe.  Only the solvent can flow through the filter screen, so all grit stays in the lower pipe.  Solvent then flows to the bucket, through the black pipe, which is just off the bottom of the 5 gal bucket.  I cut a smaller bucket to fit upside down inside the 5 gal bucket, and added some small holes to it.  The submersible pump is mounted to this bucket and plumbed up the side of the tank, and into the spigot.  On the elbow, you see a fitting and a hose coming out to the right. This is the vent for the pipe in the bucket.  Since the pipe dumps into the bottom of the bucket, it needs air to keep from causing a vacuum lock from the drain, much like how a toilet and sink works in the house.  

With this simple mod, it drains smoothly, and strains the crap out of the solvent, and then I can drop the cap off the lower pipe to remove the sludge and grit.  I am thinking about adding a ball valve to make draining quicker.



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