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Here we have the Bandsaw page.  Kinda simple obviously, and yes they are the same model.  JET brand, and use the 64 1/2" blades.  These things are used ALOT in our fabrication.  You wouldn't believe how much time these things save.  Basically chuck up some metal, start the saw, and go about working on something else, until you here the cut off chunk of metal hit the floor. 


bandsaw.jpg (54891 bytes) 



CCbandsaw_02.JPG (40765 bytes) CCbandsaw_01.JPG (76511 bytes) 
These can use these as and upright as well.  They come with a table that will bolt on just above the lower bearings, and has a guide notch so you can feed material straight into the blade for straight cuts.  


CCbandsaw_03.JPG (56728 bytes)   CCbandsaw_04.JPG (79286 bytes)   CCbandsaw_05.JPG (77132 bytes)   CCbandsaw_08.JPG (46991 bytes)

CCbandsaw_07.JPG (64535 bytes)   CCbandsaw_09.JPG (80095 bytes)   CCbandsaw_10.JPG (47951 bytes)   CCbandsaw_06.JPG (80336 bytes)
NOTE: Craig's received some surgery, and got a new stand with a chip tray, and better wheels to get it around the shop. Future modifications may include recirculating cooling unit, a shelf underneath, and skins with doors on front.


bandsaw610.JPG (140264 bytes)


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