Plasma Cutter
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The  Miller Spectrum 300 can cut very thin metal (pop can thin) up to 1/2".  Mild steel, Aluminum, and Stainless. It has quickly become a toy in the shop, because it just uses shop supplied air, and a 30 amp circuit.  The consumables are just two small parts - that if the plasma cutter is used correctly - will actually last a long time   This tool is fast cutting and very accurate.  

If you use a straight edge, or a curved edge that is smooth, and just follow it with the plasma cutter, it will copy it very nicely.  


        plasmacut03.JPG (92584 bytes)        plasmacut02.JPG (92257 bytes)

To cut out various shapes in metal, I have found that I literally suck at free hand cutting.  However, with a little creativity, I can make some nice cuts using a series of pre cut shapes to use as a  guide.  I just chucked up different sized tubes, and angle iron in my bandsaw, and cut off slices at about 3/16" or so.  Now I can just hold them in place or clamp them down and run the plasma cutter tip against them.  Note: the cut will be about 1/8" from the piece used as a guide, so by chasing the inside of the tube piece, I can get a much tighter cut than say if I used the outside.  With just a few of these I can get a large verity of shapes.




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