Hanging Pedal Set
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I have decided that for the next bug project I would like to ditch the bug style pedals that never seem to work right and make some hanging ones.  I need the adjustable brake bias and hydraulic clutch and throttle just cause I can.  I also have a hard time spending $630 for the set I want so a new creation is in order. -MJ


brakepedalcylinders.jpg (51129 bytes) 
I started by getting some replacement cylinders and slaves from Pacific Customs.  While probably not the top of the line by any means it looks like they are decent and will get the job done.


brakepedalbracket.jpg (51269 bytes)   brakepedaldrill.jpg (56490 bytes)
I bent a piece of 1/4" plate and marked off where the cylinders will mount.


The cylinders will bolt onto the L bracket and project forward.  The pedals attach on the underside of the bracket and have the push rods connected to them.  It took a little figuring but I think I have the leverage points figured out so I have good leverage with the right amount of pedal travel.  Too much leverage and I have a hard feeling pedal and too little the pedal may hit the foot well.



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