Beefing Off-road Wheels
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Submitted by Brad Widener

While I wait for my carriage bolts to come for studding my tires I decided to beef up the outside edges of my rims.

Thought you would like to see the process on how I did it.

1st take a piece of ½” solid rod or rebar and form it into a circle.
As you can see I used a C-clamp to hold the rod on the bead surface of the rim to form the solid rod into a circle.

Next turn the rim on its side and hand bend the majority of the rod into a circle.

Next flip the rim back over and C-clamp the rod around the rim to complete the circle.

The rod was not a perfect circle so I used C-clamps and Vice-Grips to get it to form around the rim.
I cut the rod a little short by accident, but nothing a welder can’t fix.

Next I welded the rod every 6” inside and out

The finished project. Hopefully this will help protect my rims edges when the rocks attack.


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