Mounting High Race fenders
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Since there really isn't anywhere on the net that has good coverage on how to install the body mounted "High Rear Fenders", I decided to do document it as I went.

So, here ya go!

racefender_01.jpg (40875 bytes)  racefender_02.JPG (97527 bytes)  racefender_03.jpg (47284 bytes)  racefender_04.jpg (46631 bytes)  
Got my trusty boss here to keep things in line for me.  As you can see these mount above where the old fiberglass fenders go.  Complete tire exposure for hurling highway rocks at the sniveling environmentalist's little electric cars.  

racefender_05.JPG (102619 bytes)
  racefender_06.JPG (73406 bytes)  racefender_07.JPG (72210 bytes)  racefender_08.JPG (64538 bytes) 
Next was to find a suitable mounting system for the bolts to hang onto.
Many dreaded thoughts of having to weld a nut to the back to the sheet metal forced me to look harder.  I found a few solutions, but the final product was a winner.  These act like a Moly Bolt.  They were purchased at ACE Hardware for $1.30 each, plus the mounting tool @ $1.95.  I ended up settling on 6 per side.  The mounting tool goes between the part and the bolt.  Once you make a 1/2" hole in the sheet metal, then you knock them in with the hammer. This needs to be a tight fit, or it just spins.  

racefender_09.JPG (59855 bytes)
  racefender_10.JPG (66515 bytes)  racefender_11.JPG (71312 bytes)  racefender_12.JPG (103210 bytes)
Once you get it in, then a 9/16" box wrench holds the mounting tool, and I used an impact wrench to speed things up with driving the bolt into the threaded body.  In doing so, it causes the back to pull tight against the sheet metal making it nearly impossible to remove.  (You would have to grind the face off, and knock it into the car to remove it.) 

racefender_13.JPG (105276 bytes)
  racefender_15.JPG (109025 bytes)  racefender_16.JPG (98606 bytes)  racefender_14.JPG (80061 bytes)
Now that all of them are installed, I just added anti-seize compound to the threads of the bolts to keep saltwater from corroding them in there.  As you can see from the pics, it was rather easy to do, and took just a few hours.

racefender_17.JPG (107606 bytes)  racefender_18.JPG (109725 bytes)  racefender_19.JPG (80417 bytes) 
I have since primed the fenders black, and will paint them when I get back from vacation next week. 


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