Power Rack Mod
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The power rack out of an early 90's Chevy Corsica or Beretta is a center steer with the tie rod mounts sticking out the front.  The one in the picture is a new one from AutoZone from a 1995 Chevy Beretta.  The Beretta rack is  quicker steering than the Corsica rack.  I was able to pick it up for $79 plus $14 core.

By moving the mounts to the rear it lends itself to mounting in beam style front end very well.  The steering rod mount is lined up pretty well to the stock steering location and the size and shape of the rack will mount to the backside of the beam nicely.

RnPmod152.jpg (544451 bytes)RnPmod153.jpg (463970 bytes)RnPmod154.jpg (454234 bytes)RnPmod155.jpg (465598 bytes)

After getting dust cover off clamp the rack in a vise and unscrew the end cover of the rack.  This will expose the valve body on the end.  Remove the nut on the end and slide off all the parts.  The aluminum housing can be cut with a hacksaw.  be careful to only cut through the housing and not into the rack gear.

RnPmod156.jpg (447396 bytes)RnPmod157.jpg (467566 bytes)RnPmod158.jpg (448414 bytes)RnPmod159.jpg (490674 bytes)

The rack gear has flat areas machined into them for the spacers.  Flat areas need to be machined on the opposite side of the gear so they can be moved to the back side.

RnPmod160.jpg (504624 bytes)RnPmod161.jpg (497805 bytes)RnPmod162.jpg (499921 bytes)RnPmod164.jpg (649524 bytes)

Install the housing and rotate it 180 degrees.  Clean up the joint and weld it up.  You can weld it with all the parts in place just be careful to keep as much dirt and welding crap out of the gear.  Re-assemble the rack taking care to align the fluid line connections and you are done.

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