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In this area, I thought it might be helpful to stuff all the little "Tips and Tricks" that we come up with, and any that come in from our readers.   We will try to include a picture of each thing  with a simple description on what it is, or how it is done.  If you have any you would like to have posted here, send your ideas/pic to  Mark or Craig, and we will add it here.  These are supposed to be simple and cheap.


TIP #1
So, to start this off, I thought I would show you some simple ideas that I came up with, while strolling through the junk yard one day.  Everyone has heard of mud and sand getting into the throttle and clutch cable tubes, causing binding, and other nasty things.  I figured if I did not get that stuff into the tube in the first place, I won't have to deal with it as often.  So this is what I came up with for my Orange Baja.


carb_boot01.JPG (101929 bytes)    clutch_boot01.JPG (102961 bytes)  
These are simple boots found on the throttle cables on most Japanese, and Japanese/Chevy cars.  I simple removed about two dozen of them, while there, so I have a good stock of various sizes, and lengths to choose from. 


TIP #2

This little trick is to swap out the leaky stock bug master cylinder, with a larger one form a mid '80's Jetta/Rabbit car.     

Jettamaster_02.JPG (83848 bytes)
   Jettamaster_04.JPG (72733 bytes)

You can either mount it remote like the stock one is, or right on the master cylinder itself.  Keep in mind, the nipples on the bottom will fit the factory stock sized grommets only (8mm).  The lid is larger than the bug master cylinder lid, so pouring in fluid is less cumbersome.


TIP #3

TIP #4




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