Axles 101
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To go along with the CV's, here is the axle line up.  These are what the average Joe will run for axles so there should not be any surprises here.  The axles that we have at the moment to compare are as follows in the pic:

axles_1.jpg (75400 bytes)

First - Vanagon (unknown years)
Second - Type 2 (bus '74-'79) 
Third - Type 1 (bug)  
Bottom  - Porsche 924/944/ - VW 181 Thing


Axle length                              Spline length


Vanagon = 20-1/2" long
               21-1/4" long             Vanagon = 34mm
               21-1/2" Long
               22-1/2" Long

Aftermarket arms will fit the following axles
2x3 arms fit early bus IRS axles at 18-3/4" long
3x3 arms fit custom 19-1/4" axles
4x5 arms fit vanagon automatic transmission left side axles at 20-1/2"
5x5 arms fit vanagon five speed axles at 21-1/2" - These are the most common
6x6 arms fit vanagon automatic transmission right side at 22-1/2"
**The vanagon automatic axles are proving hard to find in wrecking yards and junk piles


axles_t2_01.JPG (85720 bytes)                                axles_t2_02.JPG (86408 bytes)
Bus = 18-3/4" long                  Bus = 34mm

axles_t1_01.JPG (94238 bytes)                                axles_t1_02.JPG (82090 bytes)
Bug = 16-5/16"                        Bug = 28mm

axles_t4_01.JPG (79089 bytes)                                axles_t4_02.JPG (89374 bytes)
Porsche/181 = 16-1/8"             Porsche/181 = 33mm


The Bug spline length is not long enough to use the Type 2/Type 4 CV's without milling the shoulder down for snap ring clearance.  If milling (lathe work) is done, the axle will be weaker, and can snap right in that area.   The Type 2 and Type 4 CV's have the same width center cage (28mm), so they are basically interchangeable between each other's axles and no need for milling.   -CC





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