Sandrail IRS Conversion
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Alright, once the jig is made, converting a swingaxle to IRS is easy.  Our first need was to convert a sand rail.  I removed the spring plates and torsion bars and cut away the bracing that would interfere with the installation of the pivot.  

irsjig11.jpg (53443 bytes)  irs02.jpg (45887 bytes)  irs03.jpg (55427 bytes)  irs04.jpg (61452 bytes)  irs01.jpg (56336 bytes)  
I then assembled the jig and the inner IRS pivot and installed it on the torsion housing.
  The IRS pivot was welded in place and the jig removed.  The jig gets flipped over for the other side and the welding procedure is repeated.  If the IRS pivot is being welded onto a stock frame horn, the outside of the horn needs to be cut away to allow for the pivot to slip inside a little bit


irs05.jpg (56683 bytes)  irs20.jpg (60141 bytes)  irs21.jpg (74466 bytes)  irs22.jpg (65980 bytes)  irs23.jpg (63754 bytes)  

irs24.jpg (68615 bytes)  irs25.jpg (64903 bytes)  irs26.jpg (73339 bytes)  irs27.jpg (68940 bytes)  irs28.jpg (68344 bytes)
The rest is assembly.  Install the torsion rods and either the IRS spring plates, or the modified swingaxle spring plates.  Bolt on the arm and you are done.


irsswingplatejig.jpg (55347 bytes)  irsswingplatedrill.jpg (62986 bytes)  irsswingplatecut.jpg (59788 bytes)  irsswingplatecut02.jpg (57114 bytes)  irsswingplatejig0.jpg (51718 bytes)  irsswingplate.jpg (51651 bytes)  
If you want to remove the IRS stub that is common on the stock IRS spring plate, the swingaxle plate can be used after simple modification.  A drilling and cutting jig can be made with a stock IRS spring plate, and a piece of cardboard, or thin sheet metal.  Trace the shape and hole positions from the IRS spring plate and trace onto the swingaxle spring plate.  Be sure to flip the pattern over on one of them since the holes are different from left to right.

The original holes are slotted to allow for alignment.  If the car is to be driven on the street, or there is a need for adjustment after installation is complete, then the holes can be elongated with a die grinder.   A trip to the alignment shop would be smart.


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