Stock Bug IRS Conversion
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Ok, we now cover both kinds of conversions, so here is the stock bug pan.

The hard part of converting the stock torsion is that the inner IRS pivot has to ride just inside the horn.  While a good cut would work, we did not want to have to scab on a bunch of extra material or have the horn weaker because of missing support.  So started the time-consuming job of fitting the pivot into the horn.


irsconv94.jpg (29602 bytes)  irsconv95.jpg (29374 bytes)  irsconv96.jpg (30670 bytes)  irsconv97.jpg (25094 bytes)
We started with a basic shape cut out on cardboard then transferred and cut with the plasma cutter.  Then we did a test fit, grind, test fit, grind, hammer, grind, grind, hammer, test, scratch head, test, then some more grinding.  It may take some time but getting a good fit saves a lot of work later.  The idea is to have the inner pivot fit easily so it does not twist the jig and yet be able to be welded all the way around.  If there are big gaps, material needs to be added to fill it in and make it all rigid again.


irsconvdone.jpg (23375 bytes)  irsconvdone2.jpg (28151 bytes)  irsconvgrind2.jpg (29122 bytes)  irsconvgrind3.jpg (20797 bytes)  irsconvjig.jpg (19684 bytes)

irsconvplacement.jpg (26654 bytes)  irsconvplacement2.jpg (24024 bytes)  irsconvplacement3.jpg (22154 bytes)  irsconvplacement4.jpg (22011 bytes)  irsconvweld.jpg (28402 bytes)
The finished product should look very clean without a bunch of gaps.  There is only one area (the first one we cut) that we will have to fill in.  Other than that the conversion went off without a hitch.

irsconvwelded.jpg (24222 bytes)


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