Mark's Bus Beam Rebuild
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After turning several bug beams into pretzels and having to run coil over shocks to make up for soft suspension, I decided it was time to try a bus front beam.  The stock beam dimensions are 1/4" bigger in diameter with stronger springs, arms and spindles.  The first step was to make the beam a little more presentable for a clean install.  The Bus beam has very large and ungainly shock towers and mounts.  What was needed was to remove the towers, clean up the beam ends and create new supports without changing the alignment.

The first step was to weld on new supports inboard of the towers.  That way when the stock towers were removed the beam would still be aligned and a jig would not be necessary.  The supports were created using 1x3 square tube with 2 3/8" holes cut in them to clear the beam tube then cut in half so each half could be installed on the beam and welded together.


After the inboard supports were welded in place I was able to remove the towers with the help of a plasma cutter, Sawz-all and grinder.  After a good deal of cleanup I was able to weld on the outer supports and call it assembled.

NOTE: This project is on hold for now.


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