Tow Vehicles
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Craig's Tow Vehicles
Marks Tow Vehicles



Craig's tow vehicles.  

1997 Ford F350 XLT CrewCab PSD 4x4
97Ford_01.JPG (97247 bytes)
  97Ford_02.JPG (99791 bytes)  97Ford_03.JPG (87598 bytes)  97Ford_04.JPG (113075 bytes)  
97Ford_05.JPG (92316 bytes)
  97Ford_06.JPG (53846 bytes)  97Ford_08.JPG (116673 bytes)  97Ford_09.JPG (105762 bytes)
60k miles as of Thanksgiving '03. 
Automatic, 4:10 gears, stock as it gets,  all the power goodies.  

1979 Ford F250 SuperCab 4x4.  *SOLD*
ford_06.jpg (90433 bytes)  ford_07.jpg (100995 bytes)  ford_08.jpg (95081 bytes)  ford_10.jpg (90504 bytes)  
ford_01.jpg (87340 bytes)  ford_02.jpg (89370 bytes)  ford_03.jpg (73920 bytes)  ford_04.jpg (78216 bytes)
ford_05.jpg (86222 bytes)  ford_12.jpg (108347 bytes)  ford_13.jpg (101061 bytes)  ford_14.jpg (118322 bytes)  


All of these rigs are Mark's.       

Over Christmas break 2001, the "Subdivision" tossed in the towel, sporting a locked up diesel.


towrigcopperchevy.JPG (91552 bytes)  
The copper truck is just a better version of the old blue one.


towrigmontero.JPG (106720 bytes)
The Montero is the vehicle that was bought three years ago, that blew a motor just after purchase and launched a very long-winded lawsuit.  This car has a laundry list of issues since it was purchased.  The full story at 10 O'clock.



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