Big Trailer
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This is the home of the "Road Block"Named as such for certain reasons, not mentioned here.

With the collection of toys I have the need has arose to have a VERY large trailer to haul them all around with.  I already have a 12x8 flatbed that I can carry all the dirt bikes or one buggy but it required taking more than one tow rig to haul anything else.

The plan is to have a trailer big enough to hold two cars on the lower level and an upper level that will carry the motorcycles.  I intend on adding overhead lights for loading in the dark and may eventually enclose a section of it.  Time will tell on that one for sure.

The first picture shows the trailer AFTER I cut off fifteen feet of it and moved the axles forward ten feet and widened the track.  This started out as a 38' park model trailer with a narrow track and some very heavy duty suspension.  It is now 24' long and 8' wide.

bigtrailer1.jpg (46058 bytes)  bigtrailerplasma.jpg (22082 bytes)  bigtrailerweld.jpg (23275 bytes)  bigtrailerweld2.jpg (87140 bytes)  bigtrailefenders.jpg (96200 bytes)
At this point I have the deck support done and the decking is ready to go on.  I need to drill and bolt the boards in place and then I can at least use it.  The fenders have been made and are waiting to be installed.


bigtrailerpainted2.JPG (101244 bytes)  bugtrailerpainted.JPG (98229 bytes)
Well I went nuts, and put on the fenders, the deck, the lower side rails and even painted it.  I also drilled three inch holes every four feet on either side so I can weld on "U" shaped bars for tie downs.



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