Baja Crazy 2005
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(Marks pics)

Well we got there and it was wet.  Dang wet.  So wet that I went through three coats and two changes of clothes in a couple hours.  The sideways rain was even worse.  As the night progressed we were blessed with 50mph gusts that rocked the trucks and shredded one tent.  For a while we took refuge in Craig's trailer and proceeded to drink and waste some time.



Saturday was a wonderful day.  The sun was shining and it was at least forty degrees warmer.  There were even those wearing shorts.  The wind was minimal and the riding was great.


Erik took off to do some exploring and decided to see how long it would take to get help after burying his truck.  There is nothing like sinking a full-size truck in the sand.



Craig's was one of the few cars to actually run all weekend although he did not take it out much.  Maybe that is why it ran all weekend.

There was even some video taken of a Bronco jumping and Craig doing the bowl.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3


We ran into another baja while there and though the baja was about norm his buddies jacked four-wheel-drive camaro screamed REDNECK.


A major repair was required for the RM but after all was said and done it developed a head gasket leak so it got relegated to the trailer.


Matt was trying to keep air in his front tire in true Red Green form.  You can't get much more ghetto than wrapping your tire in duct tape to try and keep it inflated.  It didn't last long though since everyone (except Matt) knows that duct tape is allergic to sand.


Saturday night was nice enough to have a big fire.  There was almost no wind and it was pretty warm so we all gathered 'round the fire and made s'mores.


The kids spent their time playing in the sand and making as big of a mess as they could.


We even had the camp attack dog on duty.  She is a mean one with a tongue.  William was taken out with a surprise wedgie and was out of commission for a few minutes.


Sunday was not bad although it alternated between sun and rain storms.  The last minute riding was nice as most people cleared out fairly early.  The whole weekend was pretty light for the crowds and I would say it was only about one-third as busy as it usually is.

Even though my Baja had a first gear failure as I was about to load it on the trailer, it was still fun getting out and camping.  Maybe next year I will actually have a running car.



Craigs pics of the event.



Sunday - Heading out!


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