Baja Crazy 2008
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We couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was almost 100 degrees in Portland that weekend but was very nice at the beach.  Clear warm weather with just a bit of a breeze.  Perfect burning yourself to a crisp in the sun weather.  Bathing in sunblock didn't help that weekend but we all had fun.

One bit of excitement was when I was running fast up the face and felt myself getting soaked.  Once I figured out it was gasoline I was out of that car faster than anything wondering if I was going to become a bonfire.  I blew a high pressure fuel line and it sprayed everywhere but not enough to catch fire.  I was happy about that.

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Mike had to have his hooker barbie doing the pole dancing on his flag pole.  I kept teasing him about playing with dolls.


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Matt had his torsion housing almost rip out completely.  He was able to cobble together a patch that will probably turn out to be permanent.


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