Sandlake June 15
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A quick day trip down to Sandlake for a test run on my orange baja, with both ends now lifted up, and for Mark to test out his Turbo T-Chicken motor in the sand.  He also brought a couple of sets of paddles to try out, and compare.  Unfortunately we need to have a designated camera operator that can just follow us around and take general photos, as we do our thing.  It is no fun to have to stop and remember to go do something again, just to get it on film.


The day started out in the sand at 8AM for me and my 5 year old daughter Tara. When we got there, the parking was nuts.   Both parking lots were jam packed.  Being that I towed my baja down this time, I had to do a tire change over.  So I had to detach the car in the parking lot right in front of the bathrooms, and swap tires, and yank the rear fenders off.  I then locked the hubs on the truck and whipped it out into the sand where there was sufficient parking.  As I was the only one there from our group, I had to walk back and get the car.  I loaded up the necessary survival gear, strapped Tara in her seat, and took off through the dunes.



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Later in the morning, Mark showed up towing his trailer with the Turbo T-Chicken on board.  Parking was absolutely packed to the tilt at this point, so we had to unload his baja, and then take the trailer over to the over flow trailer storage along the campground entrance.  With some strategic moving around of other trailers, we made room for his.  Then it was an all out attempt to get his 2wd truck into the sand.   He actually made it further than we thought he would.  I think with a bit longer pavement run, he would have made it through the soft sand, and onto the hard pack area that my truck was sitting on.  A quick friendly tug by a HUGE 4x4 crew cab Chevy, and he was on the hard sand. 


6-15-02_06.JPG (60166 bytes)   6-15-02_07.JPG (51564 bytes)   6-15-02_08.JPG (65609 bytes)   6-15-02_09.JPG (61266 bytes)
Greg and his wife made it down the day before and hooked up with us. They were buzzing around the dunes in the nice green fiberglass buggy.  We stopped here and watched people run the bowl and do general hammering on their rigs.


6-15-02_10.JPG (40404 bytes)   6-15-02_11.JPG (41885 bytes)   6-15-02_12.JPG (50785 bytes)   
Not to be left out, Mark took off across the sand, leaping off of the bumps, and hammering the whoops pretty hard.  Being that he had blown out both front shocks on the Memorial weekend adventures in the woods, he was in for a pounding ride. 


6-15-02_13.JPG (96547 bytes)
The close up pic of the rear tire, was just after he came in for a landing and stopped.   Some how he was over heating, and popped the over pressure valve at the radiator cap, pissing all over it's self. 


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