Rick's ATV Day
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Rick Moore's ATV Day 4/8/01

Every two or three months a friend of mine, Rick Moore, hosts a party on his private track and invites all of us to join in on some great riding and fantastic food.  For this trip I drug Craig (Insayn) along and took my newly assembled sandrail.  Since the weather was on and off showers, it was a mudfest.  It was also a WHOLE lot of fun.

atvday18.jpg (94573 bytes)  atvday19.jpg (92903 bytes)  atvday21.jpg (94474 bytes)  atvday22.jpg (105689 bytes)  atvday24.jpg (102584 bytes)
Rick (our host) and Walker trying out the rail; My daughter Elizabeth getting ready; A side shot of Rick's "Shop" and people yakking it up; My daughter Amylynn; Craig (Insayn) on his Scrambler


atvday25.jpg (83947 bytes)  atvday26.jpg (102220 bytes)  atvday27.jpg (86331 bytes)  atvday29.jpg (103577 bytes)  atvday30.jpg (49709 bytes)
Some loitering by the food; The bonfire overlooking the track; a view of part of the track; The sandrail at an intersection; A couple of the tow rigs


atvday32.jpg (93302 bytes)  atvday33.jpg (81972 bytes)  atvday34.jpg (68088 bytes)  atvday35.jpg (96941 bytes)  atvday36.jpg (90039 bytes)
Walker and Rick (first two) after trying the rail; My wife Sarah (eight month pregnant) and youngest daughter Petra; My daughter Amylynn and friend Stephanie; More warming by the fire.


atvday38.jpg (110003 bytes)  atvday42.jpg (82802 bytes)  atvday43.jpg (93135 bytes)  atvday44.jpg (104105 bytes)  atvday45.jpg (111406 bytes)
Me and Petra with the dog; The before picture;  The after picture; My daughter tiffany on my son William's bike (her bike in the background);  Me and the rail

atvday46.jpg (93220 bytes)  atvday47.jpg (99645 bytes)  atvday48.jpg (100394 bytes)
Me all muddy; My daughter Elizabeth on Craig's Scrambler;  Craig's scrambler all dirty.







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