Baja Crazy 2003
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We're back from the Baja Crazy 2003 trip at Sandlake April 17th-20th.   The weather was a lot better than last year, yielding in ZERO rain.  There were some sprinkles starting while we packed up, but nothing that could be considered rain.

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So, here are the pics, and in no particular order. 

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   This is basically base camp, and right where we were last year.  

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This is the famous Sand Flea that we have seen on the web several times.  Well Matt wanted to play with us this year, so he brought it down to show off.  This little car is amazingly agile and smooth over the big Whoop-D-Doo's.


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Mark took up most of the rest of the parking lot with his spread.  The rangers did not seem to complain, so why consolidate?  Also a couple of pics of the airbag setup that worked until it was bottomed out really hard.  The driver's side upper mount bent inwards upon impact.

03bc_37.jpg (83461 bytes)

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Mark figured while he had the tools out, and this will most likely be the last trail this car sees, lets trim off all the parts, and weld down anything else that is left.


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Some beach and dune pics.

03bc_19.jpg (100584 bytes)    03bc_20.jpg (92444 bytes)
INSAYN's car taking a rest.      


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