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Vintage Baja Photo - 1996 I think

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Brown's Camp Oregon April 2000
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Mitch's Rollover 2000

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Sand Lake Oregon August 2001
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 sl701tristanatbeach.jpg (21032 bytes)


Lyda Camp Oregon Memorial Weekend 2001
bryanhole1.jpg (25664 bytes)  bryanhole2.jpg (35711 bytes)  bryanhole3.jpg (38120 bytes)  chrishole1.jpg (37113 bytes)  chrishole2.jpg (35786 bytes)

This was a mud hole right near where we were camping.  I took my rail up for the weekend but it brake and had engine problems.  Not only did it not go well but it wouldn't stop either.  Bryan and Chris had fun throwing some mud around in this pit.


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