Brown's Camp 4-02-05
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With Baja Crazy coming up really quick and my stock Type 1 trans with no reverse, and lots of weird squealing and grinding going on inside, it is time to swap it out for the 002 Type 2 Bus box.

I figured a quick overnighter to Brown's Camp was in order.    I wanted to beat the living crap out of what was left of the trans, in hopes of killing whatever was making the noises.   I have no intention of rebuilding this stock trans, so destroying it was my main mission.

Had too much fun hammering the car over jumps and such.  The wife showed up and took pics of just a few of the MANY MANY jumps that I performed.   Unfortunately the trans held up to all the abuse, so it gets yanked out and replaced anyway.

These were all seperate jumps and progressively more daring as the day went on.


BBQ'd some burgers in the tail end of the trailer, did the campfire thing, and final shot of the evening just before getting ready to hit the sack

On my way back out to the highway.
This was my second trip with the truck, camper, and trailer, and I really like this combo over my previous Toyhauler setup.

Now, it is time to rip the trans out of the bug, install the bus trans, and build a new rear cage, and if time allows  - install the roll cage that belongs inside.




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