Cascade Run
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Cascade Crawlers April 2001 run

April 21, 2001 Blind Chicken Racing joined the Cascade Crawlers for their inaugural run.  It started at Jordan Creek in the Coast Range of Oregon and covered some of the best trails in the area.  Due to engine problems with my junk rail I was not able to run for very long and they went on without us as we limped back to the truck.  There were some nice trucks and one very nicely done rail.  Chris brought the "toothed" bug and since Craig's (Insayn) baja is still in the works he rode along.

cascaderun02.jpg (103973 bytes)   cascaderun01.jpg (74034 bytes)
The POS blue rail, tossed together out of spare parts, loaded and ready run.    


cascaderun03.jpg (90448 bytes)  cascaderun05.jpg (104661 bytes)  cascaderun06.jpg (99472 bytes)  cascaderun07.jpg (103544 bytes)
Nathan Kahler showed up at my house at 8am with a couple other friends from Aberdeen Washington.  He brought along his Toyota powered woods rail with some very trick components, and what looked like some time-consuming aluminum work.  


cascaderun08.jpg (102323 bytes)  cascaderun09.jpg (106681 bytes)  cascaderun10.jpg (95334 bytes)  cascaderun11.jpg (120479 bytes)
We showed up at Jordan Creek at about 9:20 and met up with the rest of the group.  We spent some time yakking and oogling over the other rigs.  The weather was perfect.


cascaderun13.jpg (110322 bytes)   cascaderun12.jpg (121458 bytes)   cascaderun20.jpg (130259 bytes)
There were a couple problems right off the bat.  The flat bed Toyota had a plugged cat converter and was overheating the engine.  A hammer and pry bar to the bottom of the cat remedied the situation and we were able to continue.  We also found that the TW dirt bike that was along for the ride had a bunch of dirt that was put into the tank the night before.  We flushed the tank as best we could and crossed our fingers.  I feel sorry for the family of the one that ever gets caught doing something like that to a toy (not for the idiot that did it of course).


cascaderun14.jpg (102953 bytes)   cascaderun15.jpg (103708 bytes)   cascaderun16.jpg (118191 bytes)

cascaderun17.jpg (123815 bytes)   cascaderun18.jpg (134910 bytes)    As we headed up the trail there were some nice hill climbs.  This is about where my rail decided it had enough so I snapped some pics before heading back.


cascaderun19.jpg (122871 bytes)   cascaderun21.jpg (139504 bytes)   cascaderun22.jpg (118289 bytes)   cascaderun23.jpg (113978 bytes)

cascaderun26.jpg (126298 bytes)   cascaderun28.jpg (100857 bytes)   cascaderun29.jpg (126416 bytes)   cascaderun30.jpg (118632 bytes)
This was the first hillclimb of any difficulty.  Most of the trucks made it up okay.  The Jeep had to have a winch attached when he got VERY crossed up.  Nathan missed on his first attempt.  Of course he did it several times earlier when nobody was looking.  It was funny to hear the rest of the group's shock when he turned around in the middle of the hill.  Nobody on the hill would admit to wanting to try it in their rigs.


cascaderun31.jpg (102739 bytes)  cascaderun32.jpg (140999 bytes)  cascaderun33.jpg (86183 bytes)  cascaderun34.jpg (141952 bytes)
Chris tried many, many, many..... many times, to crest the top but never quite made it.  Made for a good show though.  Especially when on his way back down he zigged when he should have zagged and ended up in a ravine backasswards.

One big problem I had was that I was taking pictures.  I figured out too late that if I do all the picture taking then I don't get to be in them.  Maybe next time I will designate a photographer.


In Summary:
It was a good day despite having problems.  The weather could not have been better, everyone had a good time, and we all had a chance to meet more off road individuals.  We will definitely have to do it again.


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