Memorial Day 2002
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Camping and general family pics.


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Here we have the Turbo T-Chicken air born out in the wild.  Pic 37 shows the trail leading up to the jump (currently where we are sitting).  Nothing like a 3rd gear launch up hill.  Unfortunately the car over heated due to a leak in the radiator.  

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Another wild trail that would require at least lockers in the front of a 4x4 to get over the triple rut that leads into the tight corner.  We wanted to get up, around and on top of the ledge that is behind Craig.  

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Out in the middle of the woods and the darn electric fuel pump locked up.  Easy enough, we will just radio back to camp and have someone come and tow us back.  In a valley out here radios don't function well.  So, while we are broke, and not moving, the first rule of survival is to stay with the vehicle.  Lets rip this damn thing out and see if we can get it running again.  Close, but it was an alignment thing that only experience and or a manual would have told us about.  Some friendly passerby with his group behind him, said he would be back in a jiffy to give us a tow back to our camp.   Sure enough he made it back, just as we were about finished with the field repair.  

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