Rogers Camp 5-19-02
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Rodger's Camp 5-19-02

We all met at my (Mark's) house at around 10:00 am, gabbed a bit, finished up some last minute stuff and headed off.  


rogercamp5-20-0208.JPG (80274 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0209.JPG (72314 bytes)      
Lance (Droz) was pulling his yellow bug and I was pulling my black bug and Chris's roach on my double trailer.  After a quick stop and the gas station and the local pit stop to get off-road tags we were on our way.  The first thing to go wrong was the big trailer.  Right away I found that I did not have nearly enough tongue weight and that trailer was whipping back and forth at speeds above 50mph.  So we ended up stopped at Rogers Camp instead of Lyda Camp as we had originally planned, since it was about fifteen miles closer.  


rogercamp5-20-0212.JPG (133978 bytes)   rogercamp5-20-0213.JPG (161692 bytes)   rogercamp5-20-0214.JPG (153182 bytes)
We arrived and unloaded.


rogercamp5-20-0216.JPG (129666 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0217.JPG (141616 bytes)    
We headed off down the trail and came to the first big obstacle.  This is a pic of the three cars at the bottom and Chris and his daughter Brittany teasing each other about how terrible it was to have sooo much junk food that they may not have time to eat it all.  Things are tough all over.

rogercamp5-20-0218.JPG (161834 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0220.JPG (159346 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0222.JPG (155212 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0223.JPG (155875 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0224.JPG (161028 bytes)  
Here you see my car at the top of the hill.  I made it on the first try.  The only problem I had, is that the new turbo motor has a whole lot of power, and I had problems controlling wheel spin.  Next to try was Lance.  He tried a couple times without success then got out of the way for Chris.  The next four pics are of Chris trying again, and again, and again, and again.  He ended up blowing both front tires and started to limp back to the truck.  


rogercamp5-20-0225.JPG (166423 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0226.JPG (92240 bytes)
Lance finally made it to the top of the hill and we wasted some time gabbing.  


rogercamp5-20-0227.JPG (140736 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0228.JPG (155813 bytes)  
We decided to finish that trail and circle around and meet up the Chris at the truck.  I went about a hundred yards and blew a CV joint.  That is what I get for trying to douse Lance with mud.  Lance headed back for the spare axle and to check on Chris.  He got back to the truck, got the axle and sent Chris off in his truck for a couple tires.  We fixed the axle and off we went again.


rogercamp5-20-0229.JPG (123208 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0230.JPG (141359 bytes)
We made it to the end of the trail and were about halfway back to the truck when my bug died.  No power to anything.  I messed with it a bit, got power but the fuel pump would not work.  We hooked up my bug to Lance's and he towed me back to the truck.  Above you see one of the nice portions of the trail.  This is looking almost straight down the hill.  You can also see Lance's daughter acting like a goof as only a ten year old can do.


rogercamp5-20-0231.JPG (148222 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0232.JPG (123889 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0233.JPG (137312 bytes)  
After getting back I winched the car up on the trailer and prepared to sit around and wait for Chris and Lance to finish their run.  After about an hour I got bored so I dug into the bug to figure out what was up.  Turns out it was the main power switch had melted and was not providing enough power to run the pump.  A quick switch of the switch and I was mobile again.  I ripped that thing off the trailer and went and played for an hour.  I found some really cool jumps and wished someone had some pics of it.


rogercamp5-20-0234.JPG (125501 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0235.JPG (140768 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0236.JPG (123597 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0237.JPG (132287 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0238.JPG (143196 bytes)

rogercamp5-20-0239.JPG (138257 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0240.JPG (145673 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0241.JPG (139279 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0242.JPG (126231 bytes)  rogercamp5-20-0243.JPG (139220 bytes)
After it was all said and done we realized that we did not have much in the way of pictures.  We were so busy fixing stuff and off on our separate missions that there just wasn't any.  So we decided to settle for some posed shots of the bugs parked on some big rocks.  At least it is something. 


The last thing to happen was I took Lance and Chris for a ride in the T-Chicken.  For the first time ever, (and I have tried), I actually had Chris scared.  That really made my day.  Lance really didn't say much but his white knuckles said enough.  Once we got back Lance was heard saying that he had to get one of those!  The power that the thing makes is scary, but I am sure I will be able to cope with it given enough time and practice (Hee Hee).



Overall a good time was had by all despite the breakage.  Lance and Chris came back from their run with some flapping fenders and Lance had a bent beam.  That is what happens when you go fast over big rocks.



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