Spindles and Bearings
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Balljoint lift spindles

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Lift spindles are available for balljoint front suspensions for Baja Bugs and Sandrails.  Spindles are made to order and require stock spindles as a core.  Balljoint backed spindles are available without core for an extra $40.  Spindles are made from a modified balljoint spindle with a custom lift plate for three inches of lift.  They can still use the stock speedometer cable and trailing arms.

$225 plus $25 shipping

Lift spindles with new kingpin or combo spindles are now available for $200 a set plus shipping with the exchange of a useable core.

  Boxed Front Trailing Arms.  Uses 7/8" Pins
  Delrin Beam Bushings Modified for Boxed Trailing Arms
Standard Combo Spindles
Raised Combo Spindles
Chromoly Link Pins
Link Pin Shims
Combo Spindle Link Pin Bushings
Combo Spindle Bearings
Chromoly Spindle Nut
Billet Spindle Nut
2 inch Spindle Spuds
Balljoint Spindle Spuds
Kingpin or Combo Spindle Spuds



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