Rear Suspension
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Trailing Arms
Bearings, Seals and Flanges
CV's and Axles



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We have 2x3, 4x5, 5x5 and 6x6 trailing arms in either tubular or boxed style that can be made fairly quickly.  Odd sizes take longer as we have to build a jig to fit them.

Aftermarket arms will fit the following axles
2x3 arms fit early bus IRS axles at 18-3/4" long
3x3 arms fit custom 19-1/4" axles
4x5 arms fit vanagon automatic transmission left side axles at 20-1/2"
5x5 arms fit vanagon five speed axles at 21-1/2" - These are the most common
6x6 arms fit vanagon automatic transmission right side at 22-1/2"
**The vanagon automatic axles are proving hard to find in wrecking yards and junk piles but can be found at parts houses for around $120 with CV's and boots.


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