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I am getting kinda frustrated at this point, as my engine parts are STILL at the machine shop as of today (02-14-02).  I dropped them off just before New Years day, and was told it should take about a week, maybe two at most, for the required machine work to be completed.  I sent in the crank, fly wheel, pulley, rods, and pistons, to be balanced.  Hope to have them back soon, so I can get this car operational.


Here is what I have been doing with the car while my motor parts collect dust at the machine shop.

I spent some time looking  the car over, and decided that the busted up windshield needed to go now. It just looked plain ugly on the car, and I have spare from an other car I used to have.  This new windshield was put on the other car a week before I bought it, so it still has no rock chips in it.  

windshield01.JPG (72072 bytes)

I decided that I don't like the munched front, and don't have the motivation to straighten the sheet metal just to mount the bug eye kit.  I don't even like the bug eye look on this car.  I called up my friend Brad that hooked me up with the black body on my rail baja, and looked into buying a one piece wide eye front end that he offered me a while back.  Worked out the deal with Brad, and stripped off the bug eye kit that was partially attached to the car.  I went ahead and trimmed back the sheet metal that was munched, and made room for the one piece front end.  I made some cosmetic, as well as, functional trimmings to the one piece so it would fit with a prerunner style bumper.

I totally forgot to take pictures of it as I went, as I was only getting an hour at a time to work on it.  But here are the latest pictures of the one piece front end (partially  installed), and a front bumper that I created with left over DOM and $10 worth of 1.5" x .120" wall welded tube.  It turned out pretty good for no drawings or blue prints  to go by.  I still need to miter and cap the ends, add the hinge point for the one piece, and paint it.  The one piece is just sitting on there, and needs some mounting points.


orangebug06.jpg.jpg (87291 bytes)    orangebug07.jpg.jpg (79671 bytes)    orangebug08.jpg.jpg (75770 bytes)    

orangebug09.jpg.jpg (75171 bytes)    orangebug10.jpg.jpg (76323 bytes)    orangebug11.jpg.jpg (59092 bytes)    



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