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Finally got the motor built and ready to install.  You will note that I am not a big fan of chrome, so you won't see lots of chrome on this car.  What chrome I do have, either came with the car, or it is not a significant piece that made much difference whether it was on or not.  The wheels don't count, as these were with the car.  I would not have bought them myself, and have no reason to get rid of them.   They will work for the street, but I won't be using them off road much.

All right enough chrome bashing, and get on with, right!  

So, here you have it, a new 1641cc DP ready to rumble. If you follow my screwball efforts to be different, you will note a few changes to the way I set this up.  It will more apparent once everything is done, but for now here is a preview of what is to come. Look closely at the first to pics, and you will see that the heat risers are cut off just above the elbows and are tape over.  I have cleaned the heat riser tube thoroughly on the inside, and welded on a 3/8" NPT fitting on each side.  My future plans call for adding this tube into the full flow oil route to serve two purposes.  One is to keep the carb from icing on those cold days, and the other is to use the manifold, and carb as a heat sink to assist in the cooling of the oil.  


ob-eng01.JPG (94991 bytes)    ob-eng02.JPG (101715 bytes) 
You will note in the next pic the finished product of relocating the fan shroud ducts.  These are to be used in conjunction with a remote oil cooler.  The primary reason this oil cooler will be used, is for interior heat, not remedying an over heating issue.  I plan to fab up a box to house the oil cooler in, and have the ducted air routed through this box, through the cooler (oil to air heat exchanger) and then  out to the original ports that lead into the heater channels inside the car.  


ob-eng03.JPG (87691 bytes)
Below I have the motor bolted in place and I was just working on all the motor wiring.  I fixed and or replaced a few bad wires, soldered NEW blade socket connectors to the wire ends, and covered with heat shrink tubing, for a good solid connection.  I had to do some sheet metal trimming to get the exhaust to fit correctly, and went all out, so that there is nothing in the way when I go to work on CV's or a shock.


ob-eng04.JPG (99994 bytes)    ob-eng05.JPG (100631 bytes)
More to come as I get some pics -

Sneak preview!   The motor started up first try, and is now going through some breaking in stages.  The neighbors just love the BBRRRAAAPPPPP of the exhaust, I'm sure.  We'll see how long that lasts.

Note: You will notice in the later pages that the exhaust has been changed over to a "U"bend in the tip.  Quieter and more power with the 3" Super Trap I added. 


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