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If you have any questions regarding this Project please E-mail "INSAYN".

Finally had a chance to lift the car in the rear end.  After putting the motor in, and running it for a few weeks, the new shocks are finally broken in enough that they no longer add extra support to the rear of the car.  This was expected, just a matter of time.  I think the trip to the sand, and all the whoops, and bumps reduced the break in time. 

I have also lifted the front end using 2.5" lifted spindles. You can see how I made them here


 buglift01.JPG (95283 bytes)   buglift_03.JPG (86704 bytes)   
This is the car after the rear torsion adjustment, and before the spindle lift. 


I dug around our site, and put together some before/after  shots of the car, now that it has been lifted.  All the pics under the "Before", are.........well, before..........and the right ones are obviously after.

     Before          After

buglift_02.JPG (97556 bytes)   liftspindles14.JPG (97791 bytes)   

bajacrazy33.JPG (71854 bytes)   6-15-02_01.JPG (77633 bytes)        

bajacrazy08.JPG (71978 bytes)   6-15-02_02.JPG (66796 bytes) 

bajacrazy19.JPG (45830 bytes)   liftspindles13.JPG (91564 bytes) 

Keep in mind that this a daily driver/weekender, so I am not getting too radical with it, (yet).  I am trying to save composure and put all my crazy ideas into the rail baja.


Also, for those wanting to see what the LED taillights look like in the dark, here are few pics of them.  They are incredibly bright if you look straight at them, the cage aimed them downward slightly.

Tail lights on        Brake lights on             Closer with brakes on

ledbrakes_02.JPG (71127 bytes)              ledbrakes_01.JPG (69644 bytes)               ledbrakes_03.JPG (69198 bytes)


I finally took some pics of the carb heater I made with the external oil lines. 
It looks crude, but it works great!  Have not had any issues with oil starvation, temp issues, leaks, or carb icing what-so-ever with this setup.  

What I did to achieve heating the carb with hot engine oil, was to route the HOT oil coming directly from the oil pump - around the back of the intake runner, and do a 180 degree U turn directly into the old exhaust heat riser on the passenger side of motor.  

To do this,  I hacked off the ends of the  heat risers on both sides right at the bends, and welded on 3/8" pipe fittings.  Then using various brass elbows, I was able to force the oil directly through the heat riser tube on the passenger side, and then out of the drivers side.   From here it goes to the oil filter, and then back into the engine block.  

oilheat_04.JPG (88096 bytes)   oilheat_03.JPG (84784 bytes)   oilheat_01.JPG (94850 bytes)  oilheat_05.JPG (76764 bytes)       

oilheat_02.JPG (97516 bytes)

What is does for me is transfer heat to the carb to keep it from icing up and making the throttle stick on humid or rainy days.   It also works as a oil cooling effect as the carb is always sucking air which is cooler than the oil.  This works great on hot days while loading the motor in the sand dunes. 




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