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If you have any questions regarding this Project please E-mail "INSAYN".

Time to show some progress. 


ob_old_tires01.JPG (97625 bytes)
First things first - unbolt the old studded pizza cutters that I rolled the car home on, and get them shiney new wheels and tires on.  (Matt's parents live in a neighborhood where I would definitely keep the cars locked at night, and I presume the reason the tire and wheels were IN the garage.)


ob_tire_wheel01.JPG (88505 bytes)    ob_tire_wheel02.JPG (97331 bytes)
Much MO Betta!!

Second - figure out where all the parts that go to the motor are, and get them cleaned, bagged, or organized in some fashion.  There are buckets and boxes of these parts that I had to go through to find everything.  And for the most part everything but the alternator was there. A quick call to Matt, and few weeks later, was able to hook up with him to get that.  

Update!  Picked up the alternator and what was thought to be the right key for the car.  As it turned out, I had to get keys made for the car.  $15

Ok, now I have to start spending money, because I need an exhaust, and a sand sealed pulley, a few small motor parts, and what the heck, I will get the bulk of the motor parts balanced while I clean up the rest of the engine parts.

I found a TriMill exhaust at the local buggy shop on sale for $149 that was already ceramic coated, and it looks great.   And while there I picked up the sand sealed degreed pulley that I needed.

trimill01.JPG (89266 bytes)

I spent some time looking  the car over, and decided that the busted up windshield needed to go now. It just looked plain ugly on the car, and I have spare from an other car I chopped.  This new windshield was put on the old car a week before I bought it, so it still has no rock chips in it.  






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