Craigs RV's and Trailer
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Enclosed Trailer


Yes we even get out and do some RVing so to speak.  Below you can see what we live in when we are away from our normal homes.


Craig "INSAYN" Campbell's newest trail home.  
2005 Snowriver 8'10" Truck Camper.. 

camp_81304_02.JPG (148824 bytes)   camp_81304_03.JPG (125937 bytes)   

camp_91204_09.JPG (117874 bytes)
camp_91204_27.JPG (79723 bytes)

beach_10304_06.JPG (89330 bytes)   beach_10304_01.JPG (48451 bytes)  

camperlift_01.JPG (77091 bytes) 
Loading up!

INSAYN meets the Snowriver Maker (CEO) Bob Mehrer at the Portland RV
show in March '05.  What a monkey!  

SR_Bob_04.JPG (88032 bytes) 
Me and Bob Mehrer posing for the wife.

SR_Bob_01.JPG (45220 bytes)   SR_Bob_02.JPG (46500 bytes)   SR_Bob_03.JPG (31938 bytes)   
I heard rumors that he shows off his build quality by removing the screws on the ladder and climbing on it.  Well, he not only did this, but was standing on the ladder WHILE removing the screws. This was no quick task, it took him a good 10 minutes to remove all the screws with a good ol' fashion screw driver.  No give, that ladder is not coming off unless hammered off with a BFH.  This camper is really well built, as the entire camper is glued together with the same goop holding that ladder on.

Click here for modifications I have done to the camper, and have actually remembered to take a picture of.



Craig "INSAYN" Campbell's old camping quarters.  "SOLD" it in July '04 to a friend.

camp_250R.jpg (65052 bytes)   east_03.jpg (39014 bytes)   east_08.jpg (28167 bytes)   bajacrazy01.JPG (65584 bytes)
Here are a few pics of the - 1998  22'  Weekend Warrior (Sport Utility Trailer)  

Click here to see a baja stuffed inside of the Weekend Warrior.


New owner Jesse now sporting the Weekend Warrior now. 

SpinreelDunes10daytripAugust2004158.jpg (405893 bytes)  camp.JPG (201666 bytes) 



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