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Recently Craig and I went to spend the day moving sand around at Sand Lake in Oregon.  While there we met up with a guy named Dwayne that had a very nice sandrail.  After talking to him we discovered that he had built this thing from scratch, designed every aspect, and fabricated everything on it.  
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This thing has a 3.0 liter acura motor, 22" of wheel travel, and lots of very custom parts on it.  It was one time I wish I could have taken it apart to get better pictures.  I am not sure he would have appreciated that though


Kevinsrail.jpg (26851 bytes)
Kevin sent in a pic of his toy.  2.3 EFI, automatic (72 bus), disk (bus front mod. for the back)


oldglory1.jpg (81261 bytes)  oldglory2.jpg (89436 bytes)
Michael Smithson sent in some pics of his very patriotic bug that will soon be put under the knife to become a 2.3 ford powered baja bug.




johnBaja1.jpg (187682 bytes)  johnBaja2.jpg (182050 bytes)  johnBaja6.jpg (215048 bytes)  johnBaja4.jpg (202054 bytes)
John up in Federal Way sent us some pics of his baja.  He has a fuel injected 3.1 V6 out of a 94 Corsica.


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