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Here is Brian Gribners newly finished baja.  It has a 1600DP, stock everything else and lift spindles.  It also has 280Z seats and a Latest Rage roll cage.


rmmetz.jpg (46735 bytes)
Here is one from Bruce Metzler of Metz Motorsports.


Flat Bed Dually.jpg (68905 bytes)  interior.jpg (258175 bytes)  left front.jpg (242993 bytes)  right front.jpg (254072 bytes)  side.jpg (21043 bytes)
Here are a couple projects from Brad.  The dually flatbed is a very cool toy but it is the street machine I am interested in.  He has decided that it needs to be an off-roader.  Say Bye Bye to the pretty sheet metal and any hope for ground effects.

bradbaja3.JPG (64950 bytes)  bradbaja1.JPG (79671 bytes)  bradbaja2.JPG (58657 bytes)  bradbaja4.JPG (66532 bytes) bradbaja5.JPG (48316 bytes) 

brad661.JPG (65524 bytes)  brad662.JPG (56512 bytes)
Brad sent in some updataed pics of his pretty street rod all cut up.  It may even see some dirt someday.  He also sent in what he calls his pride and joy '66.

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