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More Pics 

Here is his comment:  


Here are some photos of my $ pit. It started out as a regular baja, then the tranny blew. Several dollars later I ended up with a front and rear A-arm (yes rear too) well built car. It features discs all around, outboard CV's, inboard rear discs, proportioning valve, type 2 trans. Lots more to it, and you will see a feature in Hot VW's soon.     If you have a question or comment, feel free to email back. 

Thanks   Greg"


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The zebra manx is from France.  Can you say BRRRRR!


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The mini was built by Greg in Gaston, OR.  VERY nicely done and can pull a wheelie without trying.


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This is Matt G's baja out in Aloha, Oregon  Look for it on the streets and trails.

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xbenjaheater_.jpg (19449 bytes)
1600cc DP with Weber progressive 2 barrel, raised rear end, one piece front end, and bare bones inside. Custom made heater\oil cooler, made from a sizeable bread pan, (the pan expands, to make larger loafs I guess?) a 3 speed electric fan, a little sheet metal work and some custom hydraulic lines.  I'll send a pic of it in the car soon. It works well enough to thaw out the front glass and emits enough heat to wear only 1 sweatshirt!    The car now belongs to Benja Ferline, he's the one driving in the pictures.  ~Brandon Fleming

davebarret3.JPG (81286 bytes)   davebarret5.JPG (76080 bytes)   davebarret6.JPG (63385 bytes)   davebarret7.JPG (69872 bytes)   davebarret8.JPG (83646 bytes)

This baja belongs to Barrett Hull.  It has the EFI turbo t-bird engine and lots of shiny stuff.  I think he needs to get it running so he can get the "Beauty Marks" on it!






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