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Here we have Fasbender and his buddies out in the Oregon dunes.  Nice buggies guys!


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This is Jack Olson's car.  I will let him explain it. 

Sent you a picture of my trusty buggy shortly before the 100 ft Hemlock fell on it. It sustained several fractures to the body but thanks to the roll bar it will live to ride the dunes again. I mostly used the car for the street but I have run the dunes at Florence and Moses Lake. I found the 40 hp engine just not up to the task of serious offroading. I have had to construct an entirely new frame from 2" square tubing, fiberglass custom floor pan, hand built side pods, rear shock sub-frame, 2" dia. engine cage and front bumpers. I am adding a 091 trans, IRS bus axles and CVs, 26 mm torsion bars, entirely new front suspension, and if time allows a Ford V4 engine (sitting in the garage at this time) .The only part that remains from the original is the rear 6 ft of tunnel and torque tube. It has been a massive undertaking and there is a long way to go, I have been finishing the modifications to the massively overbuilt Suspension Unlimited trailing arms that now have twin KYB shocks that I was able to get 1" shy of a full stroke. I have also purchased a 40,000 BTU (engine hot water)  heater that should warm up the cold days. I was lucky enough to buy a complete (sort of) buggy at a local show that was never completed for $400. It was a type 3 front and rear suspension grafted to a shortened type 1 pan, someone did a lot of work and then walked away from the project. Hopefully a friend of mine will use the pan for a project. I now have 1/9th of the entire production run of buggies built by the Ranger Boat Company in the late 60's, it looks like a Manx but the fenders are 2" wider in front and 4" wider in the rear. There is also a lot more engine coverage in the rear that is good weather protection but made servicing difficult. I have cut an access hatch that will have a large pro/modified scoop to cover the V4 and air cleaner. Ya I know,....I am addicted but my excuse is my parents live in Coos Bay and I have to have something to do when I visit them.


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This is Steve C's project.  (His words, explain it all)

This is my "street legal"... hhhmmm long travel, all coil over full tube chassis, 105" WB Manx style car. I run 2.0 7/8 shaft Fox coil over reservoir shocks on all four corners with NO torsion bars. The chassis was built by Darren Southworth of SandCo performance in Ramona Ca. The body is a full length Fiber Tech and has been made to come off in four pieces. The rear trailing arms are 5X6 moly and the front is a moly 14" wider then stock beam with 1X2 front trailing arms and molly Foderal spindles. This makes the car about 72" wide in front and around 90" wide in the rear with paddles. For stopping, I put CNC large bore dual master cylinders and CNC disc brakes with dual piston calipers on every corner. For steering I run a Write Rack & pinion with molly tie rods and 1 TON International tie rod ends. The fuel is held by two 12 gal Jazz fuel cells. The transaxle is a buss 002 with 930 CVs and moly cages that have been relieved and polished. The axles are 22.5" long Sway Away. I had Jacks Performance Engines in Escondido Cal put together a healthy 2332 VW motor for me with dual 44 Webbers. The car will end up being red on red with gray interior and much much more. I started going to the desert in 1972.  When I see other people making there cars it just gives me the bug to finish mine.

Thanks again
Steve C.

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