Baja Crazy 2002
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We're back from the Baja Crazy 2002 trip at Sandlake April 26th-28th.  We had a great time.  Weather was iffy on some days, and great on others.  I (Craig "INSAYN") got there at 7am on Thursday the 25th to get some space, as the Sand Flea rally was going on that same weekend.  It gets crowded quick down there.    

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bajacrazy05.JPG (95108 bytes)  Here are some pics of where we chose to set up.  I wanted to be right at the edge of the action, so I chose the NW corner of the East parking lot, at the entrance of the sand.


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After getting all set up, and swapped the rear tires to the paddles, I took my daughter for a ride in the baja for the first time.  The motor had about 50  miles on it, so I had to go easy on it at first.  I did not want to smoke it this weekend, and especially before everyone else showed up.


bajacrazy11.JPG (55628 bytes)   bajacrazy12.JPG (56520 bytes)
Kirk with "Baja Benny" showed up, so he and I buzzed around the dunes most of the day.  Kirk suffered a broken set of throw out bearing retaining clips,  just as he was rolling back onto the blacktop in front of my trailer.  Somehow his clutch throw out bearing forks got spread apart, and allowed the bearing to get loose. A quick drop of the motor, and a trip to the Sandlake store, we had the parts replaced and the bent forks repaired.  Ready to hit the dunes again.   Kirk did not know that the Baja Crazy going on this weekend, so he was not prepared to stay overnight, but decided to leave his baja and T trailer next to my trailer, and head home in the evening to take care of his animals, and then return early the next morning - with the rain!


bajacrazy13.JPG (56018 bytes)   bajacrazy14.JPG (46124 bytes)   bajacrazy15.JPG (39945 bytes)   bajacrazy16.JPG (30435 bytes)

bajacrazy17.JPG (32884 bytes)   bajacrazy18.JPG (43420 bytes)   bajacrazy19.JPG (45830 bytes)   bajacrazy20.JPG (46176 bytes)

bajacrazy21.JPG (116385 bytes)   bajacrazy22.JPG (114613 bytes) 
Lance "DRoZ" from showed up later in the afternoon on Thursday, and we started our group runs at this point.  Nice and blurry on some, thanks to DRoZ.

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