2002 Baja Crazy Page 2
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Jen and I went out for a ride, to look at all the chaos going on around the area.  

bajacrazy23.JPG (51108 bytes)   bajacrazy29.JPG (58664 bytes)   bajacrazy30.JPG (86515 bytes)   bajacrazy31.JPG (74277 bytes)   
We saw some weird stuff, like the 4WD yacht that someone threw together. 




                                bajacrazy24.JPG (112358 bytes)   bajacrazy25.JPG (111627 bytes)   
Rain!  This sucks (on an ATV), windshields, wipers and a roof, we're good to go!



                                                   bajacrazy26.JPG (113412 bytes)
Poor ol' Kirk had to leave Friday afternoon, after getting all wet.  Yup that is a baja on a "T" trailer. It seems to work good here.

                                                   bajacrazy27.JPG (62735 bytes)
Enter Dave (blue bug), another VWBaja.net dude.  He came ready to rip and tear around the dunes.  Sorry Dave, this was the only pic we got of your bug.  You need to hammer your buddy Lance about his camera usage (lack of).


                                                   bajacrazy35.JPG (81215 bytes)
Here is a pic of Lance "DRoZ" bad CV clicking final failure.  CV decided to bust into a bunch of pieces.  Uh....Beer time. 


bajacrazy28.JPG (93709 bytes)   bajacrazy34.JPG (109657 bytes)   bajacrazy32.JPG (82138 bytes)   bajacrazy33.JPG (71854 bytes)
Here is base camp with a shot of the great sign that DRoZ made for the event.  We had a lot of people stop by and say hi, and tell us that they read both our websites, and recognized our bajas.     


                                                bajacrazy36.JPG (82415 bytes)
Final shot, I got Jen to sit on a log, long enough for me to go pull a hill for the camera. And for a heavy full bodied street baja, running a stock Solex 30 carb on a 1641, it did well out there.   Can't wait till I get the Rail Baja done.  Maybe next year we will see more of you at the event.


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