Oregon Scientific ACT 1000 Camera
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I picked up one of the Oregon Scientific helmet cameras from a client of mine that is a rep for OSI and started putting it through it's paces. As a helmet cam it is much bigger than most I have seen but it is the entire camera, batteries, controls, and everything. It comes with a couple cheesy mounting systems but I will probably do something else.

The unit is fairly lightweight and with rubber seals it looks like it will hold up to a bit of moisture. I don't think it would take too much of that as the seals are token at best. I did what everyone does and carefully read the included instructions before using the camera. NOT!!! I slapped some batteries in there and started hitting buttons. It makes all kinds of interesting beeps that do nothing to tell me what it is doing. I break down and glance at the instructions. I find out just enough to tell when it is running and when it is off and how to turn it on.

Past cameras I have used from OSI have had very poor photo quality and were a pain to use. This is only marginally better but it is a helmet cam so it makes up for some of that with it's coolness factor.

I drove around and took a couple movies and found the videos are interesting but not production quality by any means. It is clear enough to tell what is going on but frame rate is a bit sluggish and the color is not quite right. The sound is completely useless so don't even bother.

Video of driving to the shop **Only works in IE for now**

For the money it is nice enough. It works and you can show others what stupid tricks you can do and for that is it worth the mere $125 retail price.


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