4 Seat Sandrail - Ghetto Style
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I came across a big pile of parts for only a small bag of money and included in it was most of the parts needed to build this rail.  I am going to make it a small four seater with hauling kids around in mind.  It will be a low-buck build up to use as a camp roach to give those that don't have toys the illusion of having fun.  Of course we all know that most of the fun is having your own and spending every waking moment working on it only to miss out on trips because it is not done.  At least this way I don't have to feel obligated to let them drive my fast cars.  Not that they are actually done or anything.

4seatrail07.jpg (83835 bytes)FourSeater02.jpg (117519 bytes)FourSeater03.jpg (121482 bytes)FourSeater04.jpg (95642 bytes)

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