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Turbo Chicken
Mike's Baja
4 Seat Sandrail - Ghetto Style
Orange Baja
Justin's Baja
Jon's Baja
Jose's Rail Version 1 (toyota powered)
John's Modified Invader
Craig's Rail Baja
Craig's Orange Baja
Mark's Baja (retired version)
Rudys Rail


This is the jump-off point for the big projects we are covering.  We have a number of our own and are setting up a couple more.  If you have a project you would like showcased on this site send a brief outline of your project, where you started, where you are now and what the final is going to be.  Send them to and we will check to make sure that it fits with our site.  We are looking for reasonably original ideas that are typically built from scratch.  We feel that anyone can buy the parts other people have built and assemble them if they have enough money.  We are looking for those conquests that were either mostly hand-built or an original design.

So look around and let us know what you like or dislike.  We are always looking for ways of improving on what we have come up with so let us know what your recommendations would be.



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