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It was my hope that I would be able to retire the black bug and build a new car.  Then reality and the need to work set in.  With a trip coming up I decided to gut the black car, replace a lot of it, and make it go for a couple years.

I started by collecting and building parts.  It will have an 8" widened beam with 2x4 front trailing arms, 4x5 rear trailing arms, rack and pinion steering, intercooler, 6 rib trans, better seats, and a radically changed rear cage section.


The trailing arms and beam were the easy part.  I just designed and built new sets.  I was able to pick up some new paddles and aluminum wheels as well as a nice set of Fox coil-over shocks.  That should make getting the suspension working fairly easy.





blackbugver2002.JPG (92658 bytes)  blackbugver2003.JPG (104408 bytes)  blackbugver2004.JPG (111956 bytes)  blackbugver2005.JPG (95802 bytes)  blackbugver2006.JPG (106356 bytes) 

blackbugver2007.JPG (101902 bytes)

blackbugver2031.JPG (129274 bytes)  blackbugver2032.JPG (128072 bytes)  blackbugver2033.JPG (120595 bytes)  blackbugver2030.JPG (105581 bytes)

The next step was to clean up the rear cage.  After trimming off the really bad stuff, I got a wild hair and cut the whole thing off.  Standing back and looking at my handywork left me thinking WHAT WAS I THINKING!!.  After spending some time scribbling rear cage ideas I started bending tubing.  I wanted something that had a sleek rear but would look good with the wing I had in mind.

bcr1cutrear004.JPG (137822 bytes)  bcr1cutrear005.JPG (171890 bytes)

 bcr2rearcage004.JPG (165107 bytes)  bcr2rearcage003.JPG (168838 bytes)  bcr2rearcage007.JPG (149259 bytes)  bcr2rearcage006.JPG (167124 bytes)  bcr2rearcage005.JPG (155951 bytes)

The rear suspension point were converted to a double shear mount for the monster heim joints and custom springplates for the trailing arms.  I though the cut lettering on the arms was a nice touch.  I realize the hiems are huge but they were free and why not go for overkill.

bcr2rearcage002.JPG (137642 bytes)  bcr2rearcage010.JPG (137368 bytes) 

The rear cage went together pretty well and I am happy with the look.  It wasn't until I had a lot of it done that I realized the cage points I was measuring against were crooked.  The original cage center hoop is 1" off on one side.  Some quick adjustments and it looks like it is lined up good again.

bcr2rearcage013.JPG (130069 bytes)  bcr2rearcage012.JPG (135963 bytes)  bcr2rearcage009.JPG (156943 bytes)  bcr2rearcage011.JPG (129178 bytes)  bcr2rearcage001.JPG (125372 bytes)  bcr2rearcage014.JPG (136836 bytes)

I finished up the alignment of the rear trailing arms and welded on the springplate replacements.  Everything looks like it lines up good so now I have to get it on wheels.


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